What is Changing Ideas?
Changing Ideas is a supporter and funder of ideas which can achieve lasting social change. Founded by philanthropist David Graham, with support from philanthropy expert and law reformer Charles Keidan, we back people, movements and organisations to challenge the status quo and make a positive difference.

From funding legal activism, supporting research and providing infrastructure support to the UK’s mutual aid movement, we are looking for organisations who believe they can make a difference and that we can help to do so.

Our approach
We seek out opportunities and partnerships across different causes and contexts and are focussed as much on the intervention as the cause. Through supporting research, innovation and people, we help our portfolio of ‘changing ideas’, to have impact and do long term good. At the same time, we approach funding opportunities with the understanding that they might fail, but are nonetheless worth trying.

Our support
We are contributing a meaningful amount in support of change in the 2020s. Decisions are made with input from expert advisors and those with experience of the issues we’re seeking to address.

Changing Ideas is a charitable company limited by guarantee
Registered charity no.1117008 - Company no.05735047

David Graham
This picture showing the feet of Mother Theresa and Princess Diana sums up my life. "I made the shoes and worked briefly in the hospice for the dying" - David Graham