Below are some of the projects we have funded. These are listed by type of funding as we think the type of intervention is as important as the cause. The potential for scale and nature of any injustice are the main reasons for decision making, as well as the ability of our partners to have impact.

Research Funding

Issue: Wellbeing / Partner: Inspiring Scotland
We initiated a research project in partnership with Inspiring Scotland and others to find ways to improve the wellbeing of children in the UK.+more...

Issue: Mental Health / Partner: Spinal Injuries Association
We funded a research project, run by University of Reading, looking at the mental health of the spinally injured and identifying gaps in services and cost-effective ways to make improvements. +more...

Advocacy and Legal Funding

Issue: Human Rights / Partner: Burma Campaign
Our initial funding enabled the Burma Campaign to produce the “Dirty List” – a list of companies conducting business with the regime. Further donations helped towards its revision, circulation and publicity. +more...

Issue: Internet harms / Partners: Foxglove / Good Law Project / Cease UK
We have made several donations to initiate research into legal action against tech companies for the harms caused to young people and supported legal action in this area. +more...

Seed / Start up funding

Issue: Climate Change / Partner: SOS-UK – Teach the Teacher
Our funding enabled this innovative campaign to be publicised ahead of the UN climate change conference, COP26 in Glasgow. +more...

Issue: Theatre for social impact / Partner: Sit-up Awards
We created an annual prize at the Edinburgh Fringe to support theatre companies, before, during and after their productions to achieve greater impact. +more...

Development capital / Growth Funding

Issue: Refugees / Partner: Survivors of Torture
We provided a grant to cover the cost of their first paid staff member enabling them to provide increased support.

Issue: Mental Health / Partner: Talk for Health
We supported Talk for Health to scale their innovative talk-based programmes to improve mental health.

Issue: Community Action / Partner: Social Change Agency
Our funding at the start of Covid in March 2020 enabled a platform and infrastructure to be made available to the dozens of small community groups that were then started. +more...

Issue: Health / Partner: Hands Up Foundation
We provided support and encouragement to Hands Up Foundation to develop a plan to scale the provision of innovative cost-effective artificial limbs to children from Syria. +more...

Emergency / Gap Funding

Issue: Human Rights / Partner: Children on the Edge
We provided essential funding to enable Children on the Edge to get their campaign off the ground to introduce a law in the Ugandan parliament to bring an end to human sacrifice.The law was passed in 2021.

Issue: Refugees / Partner: Watershed
We provided the cost of an essential worker to Watershed to ensure that the toilets and showers were operational in the Lesbos refugee camps, thus ensuring clean water and sanitation.+more...