We believe that great photographs and visual storytelling can really make a difference to the work of charities and NGO’s.

We strive to support the use and development of documentary photography for humanitarian purposes and to advance human rights and social justice.

These objective are pursed through:

  • Education and consultancy work with NGO’s
  • Support for photographers with their individual projects
  • Education and research programmes


We build lasting partnerships between committed organisations and photographers to promote the use of photography as a catalyst for change. It is clear ‘that a picture tells a thousand words’ and our role is to help develop powerful and effective uses of photography and multimedia that can revolutionise charity communications.


We apply business thinking and processes to humanitarian projects in order to increase the likelihood of achieving tangible change. We assess each project on an individual basis and provide appropriate support.
For further information please see the Applications page.


We provide grants for specific projects that involve significant long-term partners. We do not support projects where we are the sole funder as we realise that projects with support from a variety of organisation have a better chance of success.