Our role is to help “kick start” either new or existing projects that demonstrate the potential for measurable change on local, national or international humanitarian issues.

We accept applications from organisations and individuals who are aware of a basic injustice and wish to alleviate that hardship were the appropriate assistance available. We welcome applications from any individual, particularly journalists, photographers, researchers, academics and employees of NGO’s.

Projects from individuals must contain a partnership with a committed organization that is an expert in its field and not only able to drive the project forward in the long-term but able to make significant use of any material produced.

We consider each project on its own merits and provide support appropriate to that specific project.

We will only support those projects that can demonstrate the potential to achieve tangible results. This may be a change of law or in corporate behaviour. We will not fund long-term personal projects that do not have a definite and realisable objective.

There are no deadlines – applications are accepted at any time.

Applicants should email us a brief synopsis of their idea in no more than 500 words.

Applicants should consider the following:

  • What is your objective? Is it clear?
  • Is the successful realization of your objective measurable?
  • How will you achieve this objective?
  • Why is this issue relevant at this time?
  • Is time of the essence?
  • Who is your audience?
  • (For individuals) Tell us about your partner organization.
  • (For charities and NGO’s) Tell us briefly about your organization and what you do?

Individual applicants should also attach a CV of no more than one page.

All applications must be submitted via email to applications.